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Lyons Mountain Laika's

Puppies Due April, 2015 / Contact Dale 828-553-8239

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West Siberian Laika - UKC Registered

Hunt squirrel, coon , small farm protection dogs - extremely intelligent!! Loyal!!

Located in the Southern Blue Ridge Mountains of Western North Carolina

Laika pups Due April 15th,2015, Reb X Osha

Anya, treed on a coon at 8 months old. She is equally as good on Coon and squirrel. For Sale (SOLD)

Anya treed her first squirrel at 4 1/2 months old. Road hunt, walk hunt, trained to whistle and voice recall.


Jason with Ivan and Osha after a good afternoon hunt in South Carolina January 2013.

Jason with Anya after a good morning hunt in South Carolina, February 2013. Robert Raxter, trainer of the famous coon hound MOJO was along on this hunt. Contact Robert for a reference on Anya 828-507-5535



Ivan, a natural stay put squirrel dog. Ivan was sired by J.R. Pace's Boogie Stupid. Stupid is a son of the foundation sire Rockytop Checkov

Offered at Stud

Jason Massey holding Ivan and Cody. Cam Dotson holding Anya. 2010 late afternoon hunt in the Pisgah National Forest, Mills River NC.

Ivan and Anya, littermate brother and sister pair after a 2009 morning hunt in the rugged Smoky Mountains of Jackson County NC. Imported Nayda, owned by Vladimir Beregovoy of Buchanan, VA. Vladimir Imported the first Laika's into the United States. Nayda is the grandmother to Cody. (photo credit Vladimir Beregovoy)
Lyons Mtn Cody pictured here at 15 month old. He is a hard hunting Laika with lots of bark.. Cody gets treed quick and is extremely accurate. Cody is a littermate brother to Osha( pictured right)

(Sold) Osha, sired by Roger Leiphew's Grizz and whelped by Roger's Imported Maya. A number one good dog!!! Hunts hard and fast Osha Video Squirrel Hunt

Osha Video Squirrel Hunt II

Reb; 18 months old when this pic was taken. Sired by Leiphew's Rocky and whelped by Leiphew's Imported Maya. This is another number one good dog!!!!

Offered at Stud

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